Volunteering at Langley Animal Protection Society - Day Two
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Author: Devin Ramsey, RVT @ 03/08/14 - 12:32 am
Let the dog barking and cat purring begin! It was a busy day both inside and out of LAPS today.

I started off the day by jumping right in and cleaning the kennels of all our canine friends. While cleaning the kennels it gave me a chance to really explore the layout of the facility. It was nice to see that they not only have their own room, but they also have an outside area attached that they can be let out into through out the day to lay in the sunshine.

After the kennels were all clean I proceeded to tidy up the outside area of the facility by sweeping and watering plants. During which I crossed paths with a little lizard and got to help in taking it to safety. I then returned back inside and began moping and disinfecting the floors from all the traffic of human and paw footprints.

And just like your veterinary hospital, the shelter has isolation rooms for the ones who really need a safe and quiet place to get better. But even with all that room to get better, it can get a bit lonely at times. So, I got all dressed in my protective clothing and got to spend some time with our isolated resident which involved lots of cuddles on the lap and playing with every toy in site. And you can guess that when play time was over someone wasn't too happy to see me go. Luckily for them, there are a lot of staff and volunteers to go around!

I enjoyed that so much I then decided to go and spend time with the fluffy felines that were comfy in there cat condos. Every feline has their own three level condo specifically designed for them and their needs. During my visit with them I had the privilege of seeing some of the familiar faces that I had crossed paths with during my clinic rotation. And what would playing be without fluffing of the beds and blankets.

Lastly, I got to finish up the day by getting ready dinner for the canine residents which is always fun. They each got their own specific amount of the proper food according to their individual life stage and daily activity needs.

I look forward to next week's adventure at LAPS, stay tuned and thank you for reading!

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