Volunteering at Langley Animal Protection Society - Day Three
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Author: Devin Ramsey, RVT @ 03/10/14 - 11:05 pm
It was a quiet day on the LAPS home front today. On the bright side I was happy to not see some familiar kitty faces.. Mind you it is the one situation were you want that to happen.

I started the day by becoming best friends with the Windex bottle. Funny how you don't realize how much glass is in a single building.. until you have to clean it! Two hours later the windows were hand and paw print ready.

On to the grooming room Jeeves! Here is where the glamor happens in the form of baths, brushes and clippers. I was in charge of cleaning & organizing it today. I sorted out all the grooming supplied- combs, brushes and clippers. Who knew there were so many different stile combs, but then again I guess it would depend on the type of hair being combed Next, I scrubbed the tub and cleaned the floor. I got a kick out of trying to sweep up fluffy dog hair. It was like trying to catch a tumble weed in the wind.

They call it bleach for a reason. On to the chemical room we go. Here I had to dust and organize the shelves that held all the cleaning supplies. One thing I have noticed while cleaning the shelter is that they have a place for everything and everything in it place and the best part.. labels! So this made cleaning and reorganizing much easier. It was also a great comfort to me to see that they have all the safety gear and supplies you would need at your fingertips.

When I finally got to ditch the work gloves I headed over to visit the single feline resident in the cat condo room where we shared snuggles on the lap which led to lots of purring and smiles. Just one more reason why I love what I do. :)

I look forward to my next visit to LAPS, stay tuned and thank you for reading!

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