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Author: Devin Ramsey, RVT @ 02/06/17 - 05:53 pm
Welcome to today's entry in Petpedia. Today I will be briefly writing about my experience with caring for a small bird called a Budgerigar or better know as a Parakeet.

These little bundle of feathers make a great first bird for anyone new to having a bird as a pet. They are a very sharp and inquisitive bird and will take to human interaction well if given the right amount of patience and understanding.

I not only work with these little guys, but I also own one myself. When you are at the pet store picking out your feather ball, not only will you find they come in a variety of colors, but you must decide if you want a male or female.

I have owned two of these in my lifetime. First I owned a female. Her name was Jade. She was your traditional colors of green and yellow. She was very quiet over all and loved to interact with me on a daily basis. They love playing with a variety of toys and sing the whole time they are doing so. Some even have the ability to talk if worked with on a regular basis.

Over time you will find if your bird has grown to care for you they will call for you if you are near, their eyes will dilate or "pin" as it is called. And if your bond is really strong she will lay eggs. Jade laid many over the years, but make sure to keep and eye on this and slowly take away the eggs as they will not hatch unless you have a male in place.

On the flip side I currently own a male named Maverick. He is also your traditional colors, but of blue and white. Males are quite more vocal- mine tends to sing most of the day. He has now reached maturity and is bonded to me and his toys when I am not around. One difference I have noticed with having a male versus a female is that Maverick is quite possessive of me if I talk to another pet he quickly gets vocal about it.

All aside, not all Parakeets are the same. They all will have their own personalities which will in turn be shaped by you. Whether you own a male or female I think either would be a rewarding experience.

Until next time, thank you for reading.

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